Bearing capacity of shallow foundations
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Bearing capacity of shallow foundations
Bearing capacity of shallow foundations

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Bearing capacity of shallow foundations is a common check engineers have to perform during their design of structures. Most software packages, including more expensive ones, usually don't contain an appropriate or separate module to analyze the structure's foundation for bearing capacity check. Therefore an engineer is usually forced to use another software, where he must import design loads from his main software and iteratively look for the appropriate dimension of foundation to fulfill the bearing capacity checks.
The purpose of this Excel spreadsheet is to allow engineers a quick, graphically supported, design of rectangular foundations for bearing capacity check based on Eurocode 7, Annex D.
Program features:
•    Analysis of bearing capacity for drained or undrained conditions
•    Allows a quick switch of calculation for drained or undrained soil conditions using a VBA macro
•    Graphically supported input of foundation dimensions, depth and GWT
•    Option to input an inclination of foundation base
•    Option to input GWT and take into account or neglect uplift effects on foundation
•    Homogenization of soil when GWT is located below the foundation base
•    Option to input dual axis bending with axial force (N, Mx, Hx, My, Hy)
•    Foundation checks for maximum permissible eccentricities
•    Calculates all relevant bearing capacity factors, which are included in the output report
•    Graphical representation of effective foundation area, resulting vertical force and foundation base kern
•    Charts are represented in a locked X,Y ratio 1:1 with a VBA code
•    VBA supported printout optimization with condensed output report
•    Allows user to edit the spreadsheet to his needs

Program has been tested with two additional software (GEO 5 and SCIA).
Soil homogenization is implemented according to:
Braja_M._Das_Principles_of_Foundation_Engineering_8th edition, page 167,168

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