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Report Any Bug here
(01-24-2016, 11:12 PM)rami1976 Wrote: Dear Admin
when trying to upload pictures , i select the desired pictures through the uploader , after i press upload , i got a message :
"General Notice
Please go back and select at least one image file to upload."
i tried to re upload , it gave me the same message.

I think this is your local problem I try to upload picture from several computers to "" and all them were successful.
please try again in other PC or browsers and tell me the result.
Dear Admin
if i press on my user name to check my profile , an error use to display for a little time then it disappear ( as follows)

[Image: 58247333536468474673.jpg]
Either you work well or you work much...
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Dear admin

When generating ebook post in postgen, I select "Source type" as "Scanner (OCR)", but when the postgen generates a code, it generates it as "Scanner". I then have to add the OCR bit myself.

Also, maybe it would be good to have 2 separate fields for ISBN and ISBN-13 so that both can be put in if they are available.

Thank you.
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Dear Admin
the problem in post #605 still as it is
Content of this section is hidden, You must be registered and activate your account to see this content. See this link to read how you can remove this limitation:

the problem was about (PREVIEW POST ) Button

thanks in advance
links are not working in the below forms
This is not a bug. I don't know what you want and what are you doing in our forum. Registered almost 8 years ago and you report dead links by using report twice. Learn to read before using the report. Do you see dead links as a reason ?

[Image: 51326240498695521542.jpg]

Do you realy think a dead link is a bug and for this reason you post here this post including 2 transparent links.
You can't ask as thousands members for years a new link in the right thread ?

If someone breaks forum rules, post spam content and post in wrong forum it's only you.
And i don't use report, i warn and if an user can't learn after some warning i ban.
1.Read the HELP and the Rules before posting.
2.Always post in the right thread.
3.Search before to prevent duplicates.
4.Use Preview Post to check.
5.THE BEST - Use the Post Generator.
6.Use the THANKS button.
7.Don't use REPLY if no need, use New Reply.
Chatting not allowed.

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