Japan Earthquake
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Japan Earthquake
Condolences from Trinidad and Tobago, I wish you all a speedy recovery...
I send my condolence to Japanese. I hope they can overcome this crisis.
Condolences from Nicaragua to Japanese people.
My Condolences to the Japanese.
Bad time for all of us in Europe.
Japan even more for they suffered many losses by tzunami and
of course the unbelievable 9 Richter scale earthquake that caused
the ill business of nuclear plants to be grave for many and a threat to all.
Condolences to Japanese people and to us all. Hope we all go for green
energy at some point.
This is a very true and most sad story of natural over man-kind. :(
Japan scientists expected it long time before, however it's still hard to predict at least half day in advance, so that the evacuation could be established early and wouldn't have more than 10,000 died. :(

Pray for the Death people.. ;((

it is very unfortunate for japan and us too,
I guess people can only try to prevent, and build.. but they can never predict when it will cause lots of damage or death...
condolences for the people of japan, and I also pray for those who are lost...

Condolences from Nigeria to Japanese people.
Civil Engineering.....restructuring the world
Condolences to Japanese people.
All the good thoughts and prays from Romanian people are dedicated to Japan people. We hope that they will be strong to pass these moments

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