Japan Earthquake
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Japan Earthquake
Condolences from Italy
Condolences from Argentina.
Condolences from Manado, Indonesia
I was in my chair at home safe, watching live on TV how people were driving in cars heading to death, to be covered by mud and debris. And I couldn't shout at them "Turn Around! Please just turn around, don't go that way!". An massive earthquake, a day with shaking that didn't stop. These were horrible moments, and I was a spectator.
I offer my deepest condolences to all those who have been affected in any way.
Japanese friends, our sincere condolences, you are not alone accompany them from Colombia

Ing. Jaime
jcoronellr, proud to be a member of Engineering Forum since Jan 2009.
...from croatia too...
Condolences from Italy
Sincere condolences from Greece

My sincere condolesnce fron Nicaragua
(03-12-2011, 09:59 AM)NAUTILUS87 Wrote: condolences from india . well... ine of our members Rafik ...who is from algeria is doing his phd from University of Kyoto . if some one is having his email or can give him a pm
please ask how he is i am concerned ? well kyoto is in middle of japan quake has hit the northern japan . well his correct username is RafikCGS ...

Together with my condolences to Japaneese people i want to calm you and every other user worried, RafikCGS is present in forum today and from Algeria not from Japan. I supose he doesn't see your post and maybe now he will see mine and understand people care about him and will send you a PM.

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