Japan Earthquake
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Japan Earthquake
Condolences from the Philippines.
“We are prisoners of a necessary cause.”
The same from Spain. So difficult to deal with tsunami issues, I saw when pursuing the matter yesterday one in the seventies brought (with survivors) a boat to 500 meters over sea level in a bay. Makes one wonder what can we do with our present level of technology and ways of living.
Condolence from The Czech Republic!
Condolences from the Colombia
Condolence from Nigeria
Condolosences to our japanese brothers and sisters...in the Philippines, researchers and scientists are predicting that there will be movements in some fault lines based on studies by the coming months ...i just pray that something like this will never happen...
Responsibility = Liability
Deepest condolonces from Indonesia. Apparently based on the news i heard until now, to some extent, the Japan seismic code pass the test :). I can't imagine if the same thing happen in Jakarta :(.
Today I've read daily news and I must say I'm shocked and sad because of the recent events.

I wish to all the people strucked by the tsunami and earthquake in Japan all the best, quick recovery and I really hope everything would be fine soon.

Today I've read that some nuclear reactors are in bad condition, about 6 million houses are without electricity, many casultyes, flooded towns... - horror. Beside this Earth's axis is declined up to 10 cm from its referent position, island of Honshu is shifted for about 2,4m to the east and the days are shortened for 1,6 microsecond - really really bad...

Hope that something similar never happen again. Take care one for another because you never know what can go wrong today in this crazy world...

Condolences form Croatia.

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condolences from Tunisia
if one day the people would be reborn, then fate must replicate
deep condolences from Pakistan. we experienced a mega disastrous earthquake in october 2005. I know how horrible it feels.

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