Japan Earthquake
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Japan Earthquake
I'm from Indonesia... I believe Japan can rise again...
The question is not whether it will rise again or not , its about the loss of life & its profound grief ...
condolence from Cambodia. There are 300 Cambodians who studying in Japan at this moment.
Condolences from Afghanistan
Condolences from Ghana.
Some news are telling that it is predicted two days before. I'm not sure about this. The actual status of the nuclear reactors are not known. USA has expressed that this would be another Chernobyl.

Will this cause much disaster ?

All world is concerned about this.
I`ve read some condolences from polish guys. I always want to express my deepest regret and sorrow to that what happened. I think it is injustice on the world that some countries like Poland lies almost in aseismic region of the world and other countries like Japan lies on very high danger seismic area.

My sincere regrete for Japanese
Very sorry this happened, shocked by the size of the disaster. Condolences from Croatia to all those hurt in Japan.
Condolences from Burma(Myanmar).
Japan has helped so many countries through development projects, financial support and assistance, scholarships and what have you. It's time we give them back something in return , even an expression of sympathy.

its really unfortunate their country lies between several clashing tectonic plates.

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Stability is the best policy.

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