Design methods of integral-lift tubular steel scaffolds for high-rise building const
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Design methods of integral-lift tubular steel scaffolds for high-rise building const
Design methods of integral-lift tubular steel scaffolds for high-rise building construction

Author: F. Yue | Size: 1 MB | Format: PDF | Quality: Original preprint | Publisher: wiley | Year: 2010 | pages: 10

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In this paper, we discuss the design and calculation methods of integral-lift scaffolds under condition of
operating, climbing up/down and falling. Dead loads, construction live loads and wind loads for integral-lift
scaffolds are given in this paper. The key factors such as additional load factor κ are introduced and defi ned
for recommendation as well. Load and resistance factor design method based on probability theory is
introduced for the design of the main load-bearing structures. Herein, the additional partial safety factor
of material strength γ ′
m is introduced specifi cally for scaffolding frames which are often frequently reused
under poor outdoor conditions. Some important checking methods proposed specifi cally for integral-lift
scaffolds such as checking of anti-slide strength of couplers and anti-overturning analyses are also presented. Meanwhile, allowable strength design method is suggested in the design of the lifting equipments,
suspending rods and slings. The proposed methods in this paper will be useful guidelines for safe design
of integral-lift scaffolds.

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