Striving in the recession
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Striving in the recession
I'm from Indonesia is in the rise here. It will bubble anyway in the future. But now it is fluorishing.
so you are buying apartments and offices space, in order to rent it?
no no, i wish i have enough money to do that though. I mean here in Indonesia, civil engineers and architects are needed because the property is rising. Developers are building everywhere.
ok. Then I did not understand you when you said this:

"Basically i've made trading and investing as my sidejob beside engineering"

trading and investing in stocks and bonds of what?
well it is not really job in the office as banks or funds employee but with the current technology u can do it online as long as u have more money to spent rather u spent it on other things better to spent for investing or trading, while you are working in the office.

of course indonesian stock exchange.
Bubble in Indonesia ?
Frankly i don't think it will be so soon. The population is so big and the consumption power is so great. However, it needs close monitoring. How is the inflation rate then essenza?
Well yes, but in property i think only a fraction of indonesian can afford to buy those expensive houses and apartments. If it will happen, i think the scenario will be the same with what happen during the mortgage crisis in the US, don't forget that US population is bigger than Indonesia so it might happen :). It is really related on how the banks playing this credit things out. I guess our banking system learning something with what happen in the US so you probably right it is highly unlikely that property bubble will burst anytime soon :D.
If you say that we are very consumptive, well yeah as long it is related to automobile, gadget and goods:p. Actually this what cause the emerging markets survive during the crisis: good governance, stable banking system and high consumptions :). The only problem with our system is still corruption and low education for most of our work forces but we all hard workers though less paid. But if china can get "there" we can do it too. U know the slogan now : "The Future is Asia", hope it is not only the slogan :D.

The inflation is quite high but under control. I believe it is due to the weather anomaly, so it happen everywhere.
May i ask essenza,
What is the average engineer's salary of 5 year, and 10 years experience engineer?
(In term of USD)
And what is the average cost of the (middle rage)Condominium, says 1000ft?
Respect info on my country, I am an spaniard, an architect, always living in Spain. The worldwide crisis has hit very hard half the spanish population, and basically construction works are quite bound to a stop, a situation already ongoing 3 years.

I am unaware of that this is being internationally engineered by someones to get the kind of society they want, one with most of the populations subject to them. It has been attempted many times, and the consequences will show at the unavoidable time.
I am not unaware ... I wanted to write.
@ Devil_red
The take home pay for 5 years is about $500-650/month THP and for 10 years exp perhaps about $750-$1000/month in the property and infrastructure industry. It will be higher in mining and oil and gas can be 1.5-2 times bigger.

Hmm condominium, i have no idea, perhaps not less than $150-$200/month renting.

@ ishvaaag
It could be, the new world order they said :p.


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