Striving in the recession
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Striving in the recession
I am not an engineer but an architect. Our profession has been hit by the recession pretty hard. A lot of us were fired, and the generally the situation is at the average level pretty harsh.
I was wondering if we can share some experiences in these times, about the recession related to engineers.

Our profession is the first (literally) to take the hit from recession, and the last (literally too) to recover from it. Ha.

Anyway, George, i have seen lot of your comments. It actually make me wonder, you are a engineer or an architect. You have posted too much engineering-related analysis for an architect.

Care to explain?
Too bad, hearing this Devil Red. It seems recession hit us all.
You are really from Zimbabwe? Can you give us some perceptions about the current situation in your country, related to engineering jobs?

I am an architect (sadly) but I wish to learn as much as I can about engineering. It seems I chose wrong profession, as after all these years of studies I find myself more interested in structural engineering than in architecture.
Hi m8
as i think 3d is future of architecture...maybe u can change your point of interesting....try to learn arcon, 3ds max ...etc
i can help you with with some advice ... few days ago i open thread 3d visualizations here but none replay,... if you are interested i will spare some time for you
Hi all

Luckily at the time when Asian Monetary Crisis in 1997 hit my country, i was still at the university so basically it didn't affect me very much. Now during the mortgage crisis and sovereign debt crisis my country hasn't influenced very much perhaps because our banking system is more independent and not connected to those major worldwide banking in the US and europe so we are safe. However in case I've been laid off and it is impossible to find jobs in the construction industry, i guess the best thing to do is investing in the stocks and commodities market because during this time that all the market is plummeting so it is the best time to buy those bluechip stocks while it is cheap. Basically i've made trading and investing as my sidejob beside engineering :).

No in mood discussing my country, will be very depressing.
You could possibly pursue the study of engineering. However, there is only one who could master both Architectural and Engineering throughout history of Mankind.
Hail Da Vinci!!
@john doe: thank you offering help mate. But what do you have on your mind?

@essenza: where are you from? Taiwan?

Santiago Calatrava also, completed studies of Civil Engineering in TU Zurich, and architectural at Valencia.
Leonardo, was a genius, although there are some speculations that much of his war, and flying machines, were copied concepts of some Chinese inventors. But this has not been proven.

I have scarce respect for Calatrava. I have seen some of his concepts quite close to some I web posted before, and *** might *** know.

Follow your path, and if in the need of choosing Leonardo or Calatrava, follow the former.
A wise engineer said ones:
"know the Engineering limits, and you will know the architectural ones"

But this kind of talk is an insult (although without the reason for it) when an architect hears it. We need more people at our architectural faculties, like the one that made the upper quote.

I went to the off topic.

Any info on the recession in your country Ishvaaag?
Hi m8

As I wrote in my topic about the 3D visualization.
Primarily to exchange experiences, etc, but also help people who are new to the 3D world.
Although I'm not an architect can you recommend a software called Arcon as a first step -
is extremely simple and the results you see on my site
PHP Code:
I currently do not have time to make some tutorials but if you get stuck somewhere, let's say you write a problem on the subject and I will try to answer.
I didnt noticed your flag since now, but it does mean that the conversation can continue to sh-hs language


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