Recession in Civil Engineering ?
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Recession in Civil Engineering ?
Hi guys,

This is just for discussion, as we in India are facing a lots of problem because of recession, many people lost their jobs, including high profiled engineering firms like WS atkins shutdown their operation. There is no indication of recovery near future. How is rest of the world as for as building sector is concerened ? ARe you guys doing OK ?
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Recession strikes Croatia also. People are losing their job, and prices on food and all other thing as well are getting higher - that is insane... I work in education (faculty) and we (employees) were get an cut on our month payment (6% cut now, and new 20% cut is in the "air"). All on my mind is that i should run away from this country while I still can :D but just don't know where :D ...all in all I don't know where I'd rather be than in Croatia - One day I would get my self an big carton box that I can live in and I'll be "Engineer without borders" :D I'm ironic but better that way than to get a heart attack.. That's only my opinion..

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In Indonesia, foreign companies from Australia, Singapore, UK, USA etc have been cuttting their number of employee because some project canceled and freeze waiting the condition. I think it happens on all over the world.

New highrise building projects not much than a couple years ago before this crisis, now I do more design lowrise projects on my company.

Stay Optimise..


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We are still doing ok here. There are companies done pay cutting but generally a lot of engineers from here gone to work in other countries. And as long as these guys do not come back in waves, we who stucked here shuld be still alright unless situation get worse. The developers here still have to move on, they have loan to serve. They will jus move much much slower than 06. However, our salaries here are only a portion from wat u guys get out there (from i know from foreign engineers here/my exp in abu dhabi).

Hang on there my frens!

p/s: grunf, come here to my country, we are struggling to develope seismic guideline. u must be of great help. hahahah
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On Central America we have the same problem, our economies depends a lot from the USA.
The projects from the government has been canceled or stopped and doesn't exists projects from the private enterprise. I think that the recession on the construction could ends at the beginning of the next year.
The recession affect principale the construction industry, many people had lost their jobs at the begining of the year and don't find another one.
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Pakistan is facing the same problem.. in previous times when there were no jobs in Pakistan ppl went out to middle east and other areas of world but now everyone is facing economic crisis... so lots of joblessness here... Hope ALLAH (S.W.T) will make it easy for all of us.
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Same thing here in Bulgaria. Only few big projects still run, all others are frozen. I also work in an university, and there are no cuts yet :).
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In Ukraine 90% projects canceled and freeze.
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In Romania there some projects which were canceled or postponed, but there are also other projects which go as scheduled. However, due to this economic situation many investors have reoriented themselves towards smaller apartments (1 or 2 rooms) instead of large apartments (3 or 4 rooms). A positive fact is that the materials' prices have been reduced with as much as 50%.
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so far we have been lucky. In Australia, all large project still running; domestic construction still viable; Hopefully we should get out of the economic predicament soon; it is hoped that every country will be getting better and we will have a beer for it and for this forum too
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