Structural Consultation Price
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Structural Consultation Price
@ Devil Red

It's supply and demand if you have 100 structural engineering consultant and one MEP consultant with only a few projects than u will have the best bargaining position if u work with the MEP consultant. So it is a good thing to open MEP consultant here in Indonesia not so many of them.
(03-10-2011, 01:05 AM)essenza Wrote: In Indonesia, is about
structural : 1-2 usd/m2
ME: 1.5-2.5 usd/m2
Arc: 2-3 usd/m2
(1usd = rp 10000)
However many new consultant dare to be lower than the half of above price. We're killing each other here in Indonesia :dash2:


Actually in indonesia the price of structural, ME, and Arc isn't fixed between the value 1 to 3 usd/m2, it depends on the company regulations and reputations.
Why did I say that because the bidding system in indonesia to choose building contractor is based on lower price, which means the building contractor have to decide whether to lower the quality of the building (using cheaper method, etc) or lower the profit they can gain on the project (in high budget project) to win the bid.
which we can say the price is not fixed unless it is person to person only, or depend on the circumstances...
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i think we must speak at the same term, is it consultant or contractor? but that's true that 1-3$ is not fixed for consultant that's why i said "many new consultant dare to be lower than the half of above price" and perhaps some can be higher depen on the circumstances so 1-3$ is 'about' price
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