Price Engineering
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Price Engineering
Hello Dear users.

if any of you wants to tell us about the price of engineering in your country ....
for example:

Country : Venezuela
Price Engineering Hours: 5$ (price blackmarket, the dollar is not free for buying)
Hours Drawings: 35-45 H
Calculation: 50-250 H (depend the proyect)

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Hello Civileans!
In Nicaragua:
For one A1 format blueprint the price is between $30 and $40, ready to print.
For Calcs, structural analysis and design the price range is about $1.20-$3.00 usd per squared meter on a regular building (it depends on complexity of project and the "name" or prestige of Structural engineer).
If it is a warehouse or a big building prices varies. For electrical engineer design price is also for square meter of project (around 0.80$).
For water systems design the price is around 1.00 $ (for each square meter of project also).
For architectural design the price depend on the architect bur most average would charge you around $2.5-3.5 USD per square meter of design of the total project.
What about the prices on your countries?
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