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About Active & inactive User
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About Active & inactive User
(05-07-2009, 06:07 PM)Admin Wrote: Hi

all inactive user will be deleted soon.
this is last notice for all user that only customer...
we need user that share their knowledge ...
all user that have no enough useful post will be deleted permanently...


Dear Sir,
I am right now busy with foth coming B-arch examination. I will start posting from Jan10th with all useful material I have for everybody to share . Kindly bear me till then.
Dear Sir,
I would like to be an active user very much
The thing is that my job doesn't give me that much time. Every time I have some time to spend, I'm here on civilea.
Best regrads
I believe this thread pased its time limit and should be closed. (only my opinion)

We all agreed that every member should be active as he/she can and will. No one can force you to be active. The main purpose of this forum is to help others - so try to help to someone by sharing knowledge, experience, building site pictures, links to books and software, ect - make discussions, share your opinions.... Try to help others and someone will help you eventualy.

I think we have had enough of rough discussions about banning and warning members - it is time to settle down the dust. Registration is closed, there is not so many spam post recent days - as I see, these days we have really great discussions and good post. I'll be more than happy to see forum working the same way as in the past few weeks. Keep on making good posts, keep on with good discussions - that's the main thing of this and every forum.

Best regards to all.
If any posted material in CivilEA is useful to you, please buy it. Support the authors/developers. By any means you may not use the posted material in CivilEA to make money! Use it only for evaluation!
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