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About Active & inactive User
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About Active & inactive User

all inactive user will be deleted soon.
this is last notice for all user that only customer...
we need user that share their knowledge ...
all user that have no enough useful post will be deleted permanently...

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we are planing to close registration after a period ....
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I think that if anybody does not contribute with any post and only use the Forum to access to software downloading only, I think that we must first notify or warn to him. If him does not correct we should to close the account.
On the members that do not stay assets per long periods of time, 60 or 90 days, We must notify first, before closing the account to them. Let me show my own example: by work matter I must transfer myself sometimes, two weeks or more, to remote sites where the connection to Internet is extremely slow, and only allows me to access to my personal mail.
If the person is notified, can respond in extreme case, to avoid the closing of their account
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At this moment - 3623 mebers and 472 active users. Realy active users maybe 10% from 472.
Every day an average of 45 new users. Every day hundreds enter the forum. Every day new requests about old and not actual posts. Not every link from 6 months ago is alive and no one can upload every time someone new want.
Every day wrong posts in wrong places and the same naggers asking in every place for three times the same request for a new version, a new link and a new crack.
Moderating this monster will be quickly very hard.
Closing the registration is very simple but maybe we will miss excelent new members.
Deleting inactive users mean deleting 90% from users and one of the targets of this forum is to share even if a young engineer don't have enough knowledge or good materials to contribute.
I want to delete those new and old naggers traveling from forum to forum, asking everywhere the same questions, filling the forum with nonsense requests again and again and never contribute.
The banner of the forum must be: Take, enjoy and don't disturb. Seeing an user registered in January coming back and putting in five places "Hi, how are you" or "Thanks" like a dog marking his teritory or posting against the rules is for me worse than a new one making his first mistake and learning fast after.
I distribute a lot of warnings and I know is unpleasant but I can't send to everyone private messages.
Every reasonable user reading in the main sections can see public messages to others, the signatures of Kamran and mine warning and must read the messages of Admin in the main page.
I think the poll initiated by Admin is concludent and is time to act.
Dear Colleagues:
After one full day solving problems, meetings and discussions, after one complete day trying connecting to Internet, I read the BennyP message and I felt worry, becauuse BennyP try to do the work of everyone in the Forum.
Organize the Forum is a task enormous, too much for ten moderators and impossible for two or three moderators.
Let me suggest a "brain storming" procress to obtain viable ideas to filtering users, to plainning tools for moderators, to improve control systems inside the Forum, including buttons or automatic messages to saving moderator's tipping time. Only sending private messages I spend almost two complete days before to came to this remote place of my Country, and then spend my few minutes under at day sending warning messages and warning to members that didn't read the Forum rules is a true heavy task.
For my Dear Friend BennyP: Be cool. Don't overcharge your self with infinitum work. If you take this responsability like a heavy charge, your work will lose efficiency in the future time. don't give up.
I hope that I can return to my city in 8 days at less, for bringing more support to you than right now I can give you.
My best supports and regards
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we are new & very young in forum, our forum start about 7 month ago, we started in free host & we have serious problem with it.but about 4 month ago we moved to paid host.

but i thinks that we are very strong, we have best discipline in our forum. our forum is one of most active forum in civil engineering. because we have good moderator like: BennyP, Kamran, cod-x, Oanm2000, Juice. but in this short time we improved very good.

we reached 14000 visits from our first page in this week, 2 month ago we have 5000 visits per day from our first page.
now daily about 50 user register to our forum, it is true that some of them are active (less than 5%) but it show us we have a good days in future.

I know that we have a lot problem & we need more works to be better. but we need more time to do this.

now i`m alone, my friends that help me to moderate our web gone, they gone another country...

we (me & moderators) try to prepare best place for all civil engineers, we expected users help us, if user share their materials here it is good for himself, becuase you can found everythings that you need here, all our forum privileges are free,

i sure we will be no.1 in civil engineering forums soon,
our purpose is your agreement, we paid a lot of money for hosts & maintenance & we have not any income from our site, in other hand we spend our money for preparing best place for all engineers.

soon we will add some plug in to our forum that help user & moderators for preparing best place.

if anyone have suggestion for improving forum (about forum, plug in, limitations, ...) tell me.

Best Regards
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Dear Admin and Moderators:

I try to check the site every day and I've seen the increasing activity of new users, I've read yours opinions and I agree with some of them.

I've a idea:
To Admin: I don't know if this idea will to work: can you block the access from URL in code tags fot each user?: this is my idea:

- For new users and current newbies, may make a maximum of 5 downloads without contributing to the site, after the 5 downloads the code tags are shown blocked. To revive the discharge, shall publish 20 posts to be accepted as good for moderators.

- For senior members, may make a maximun of 20 downloads without contributing to the site, after the 20 downloads the code tags are shown blocked. To revive the discharge, shall publish 10 posts to be accepted as good for moderators.

- For VIP members and moderators, not limit of downloads.

This acts as a filter for those users who download and don't contribute to the site and promote the participation of all users. This is just an idea that can be improved with others.

I think the forum is growing, and many users will be good and bad will continue joining, is like a city, and therefore there must be rules to maintain order and they must keep up or adding to each situation. If we continue like this, the work of the Admin and Moderators can become tedious, and I think that isn't the idea.
I think the forum provides free resources and great solutions to all of us dedicated to engineering, but is necessary reward the help require the participation of users.

Follow the Rules
Before post a Request, Book or Software
Use the SEARCH Engine for not duplicate info
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hi admin, I agree to karla's suggestion; that is, we put a limit to members according his/her participation in the forum.

this will filter out "takers" :)

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Hi Admin,

Let me share my opinion.
If the goal of this forum is to be number one, blocking is not a good idea because it'll limit itself to grow.
Filtering by number of posting may cause a lot of garbage posts because no way for the one who needs downloading even it doesn't follow the forum rules. Moderators will have to do their works harder.
Non-active users are not cost much in term of server resources, let it be.
Users always violates forum rules shall be blocked, even for good, particularly picking material from this forum and post to another for their reputation.
Number of members, page preview are one of many points to show that this forum is popular or not.

Best Regards,
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Dear Admin,

Most of the Newbies are using forum for downloading softwares and cracks. I am not asking them to share software, books etc. but They should atleast share their knowledge, problems. They may be student of universities. They may share latest trends, methods etc of civil / structure engg which are tought in universities.

Aim of the forum is to spread and share civil engg knowledge among civil engineers of the world. softwares and cracks are just medium to learn this knowledge. I think we don't want to make our forum famous as "source of cracked software" but we want to make it famous as "source of knowledge"

I also see there are some cracked software sellers in the forum. Who takes softwares from here and sell it outside.

Plz note i am not telling all these because i am VIP. I will welcome any restrictions if put for VIPs from forum management.

Regarding steps to prevent this happennings, i left it to ADMIN.


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