Celebrate 9th Anniversary of CivilEA.com
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Celebrate 9th Anniversary of CivilEA.com
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Dear All;

9 years ago on "24-Dec-2008" Civil Engineering Association (CivilEA Forum) was born. Before this date, originally we start our works with "4downloader.blogspot.com" weblog on "12-April-2007".

This year, we hope to accomplish even more, including exclusive CivilEA products (Software, Excel Sheets, Video, online learning course, ...). now we have contracted with famous software teacher and programmer to do it well;

We opened CivilEA shop recently that is large change in CivilEA.com, you can find special software there, we guarantee all products there. We are trying to start online course on next year, be sure the best teacher will be selected for this.
I want to repeat again, we are nothing without you, CivilEA will be bigger if you want. Any community or company will be grow behind their fans. We are only the provider of a virtual community for you, and you are the main column of this website.
I want to say thanks gain to all users that support us to be live. special thanks to our moderating team that works 7/24 hours on CivilEA, they spend valuable time here free to help others.It is very difficult to organize big forum like CivilEA and our moderators do it excellent.
Love you:

My special thanks to my Deputy "BennyP" that help CIvilEA for more than 9 years, Thank you dear BennyP;
I thanks to all users that contribute their knowledge here.

Special Thanks to our retired moderators:

@cod-x (our first moderator that started his work from our weblog).
@juice (Mans of tips of CivilEA, Where are you dear friend?)
@Ultra Zone

CivilEA is standing on first level of all Civil Engineering website all around the world. Anyway quantity is not important and our main concern is quality. We are happy to say that CivilEA is #1 in quality too.

Users: 175841 total users (117577 after deleted some inactive users)
Posts: 97742
Threads: 29421
Average Posts per day: 29.74
Average Threads per day: 8.95

We are trying to brings you the best services as you can see, at now we manage these services:

1-Managing CivilEA websites and servers:
  • Civil Engineering Association Community.
  • CivilEA Exclusive image hosting.
  • Main dedicated server for forum.
  • Another server for hosting other CivilEA websites.
  • Backup Server.
  • CDN servers, that brings you high speed anywhere that you live.
3-Expert Moderating on forum (By our expert moderators)
4-Expert team for design, modify, upgrade our scripts to brings you the best performance for our websites.

Over the past year, we’ve updated our forum design and also we’ve updated our servers and improved them. Our up-time during last year was more than 99.68%.

As always, we love hearing your feedback (good and bad) about site content and what sustainability questions you have. Keep sending your tips, news and comments to us.

Thanks for reading and here’s to making CivilEA forum even better.

You can use our special offer to join CivilEA (For New users and expired subscriber users only, by promotion code 9thAnniversaryCivilEA.com
  • 16.0 $/Year for 1-Year subscription now is 10$/Year.
  • 14.5 $/Year for 2-Year subscription now is 8$/Year.
  • 13.0 $/Year for 3-Year subscription now is 6$/Year.

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