The 5th Anniversary of
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The 5th Anniversary of
Dear All;

Five years ago on "24-Dec-2008" was born. Before this date, originally we start our works from "" weblog on "12-April-2007" then we immigrate to "" then "" domain, Finally, during a poll of members, we sellect "" as our main domain and it was our brand.

At now, we are the best and well organized Civil Engineering Community in the world, this is the result of all users of CivilEA.
we are a large community with more than 87000 registered users. now every civil engineers in the world know CivilEA.

I want to say my special thanks to all moderators that spend their valuable time here to organize forum, without them CivilEA could not reached here.

Our forum have about 24000+ thread, 81000+ posts. I note that we do not permit useless posts.

I want to say my another special thanks to all active and also VIP users that help me and all CivilEA users to have more and more.

[Image: 15275939935676058888.jpg]

me as administrator of CivilEA spend my main time for improving server and security of them, loading and maintenance of large website like CivilEA is not easy.

We have special and fantastic plan for next year, we try to bring you new feature.

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