Donate to Homeless person
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Donate to Homeless person
Dear CivilEA users;

Yesterday I visited a homeless old-man (about 75 years old).
He had family and home few years ago but at now he missed all things that belong to him.
He sleep in street or park in very cold weather in Tehran, Iran.
He is true person. I belived it.
I know him and I`m very sorry to see homeless person like him.
We decided to donate him and prepare a place for him for sleeping and living. As I said he is old-man.
I request you, donate him If you can.
we found a room for him and owner of room give us 2-3 days time to give him money (he gave us discount for homeless person), so we do not have time. After 2-3 days he will rent his room to others.
This is our duty to help other people and this is not related any religious.

If you want to donate him press below button and donate:


we do not have time and if we delay for 
I note that I know him and we grantee all donation will be spend for him,
we decided to assign a part of our activities for donating others.
if you want you can post here and say "I donated him".
Thanks for your donations, god bless you.
our target is about 1500 USD. in fact CivilEA accepted to prepare 1500USD for him. I belived that our CivilEA users can do it even more than 1500 USD.
We have not time we need more money for him, you`re kindly requested to donate him if you can.


- Total Donation Report:
-Paypal Donation: 704 USD
-Shetab Donation: 1,950,000 IRR (~51 USD)
- Totally Donated: 755 USD
Thank You.
I just made my donation.
I am glad to have donated. may hebe blessed
For Engineering and Beyond
I am Pakistan and wants to donate but I can.t see Pakistan in the payment form for VISA payment. Please advise.
(02-15-2017, 02:58 PM)ssamis Wrote: I am Pakistan and wants to donate but I can.t see Pakistan in the payment form for VISA payment. Please advise.

thanks for considering this,
can you use webmoney? our alternative solution is "Webmoney" only.
I will for the following month.
Please stop posting useless posts. We have a warning for. When you will donate post here. Next month, next year who care. Or you donate or not.
I have donated a small amount. hope it can help.
What is the target amount?
I just made my donation.

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