Donate to Homeless person
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Donate to Homeless person
I did make my donation yesterday
I have just donated. Thanks admin for being generous and bringing this up to us. I am glad to help even thou it is not much but it is something
No Sir regulater do not allow
I just donated. You are so kind Admin. I appreciate your decision to help Old-Man. God bless You))

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I just made my donation.
Dear Admin,

I have just made my donation today. Hope this will help. GOD bless
Dear Admins,

I made a contribution.

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Dear Admin,
I have donated few minutes ago. Not much but hopefully its helpful
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I donated him.
Dear CivilEA members;

Thanks for your cooperation and send your donation to Homeless person. Till now, we reach to 41% our goal (614 USD from 1500 USD).
we shall pay our donation during next day or the day after tomorrow. I request you if you want to donate do it today and tomorrow.
God bless you.


- Total Donation Report:
-Paypal Donation: 589 USD
-Shetab Donation: 950,000 IRR (~25 USD)
- Totally 614 USD

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