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How to Donate
To our Donors:

Pressed by torment (read: recession) and penury (read: running one forum drains a lot of money from our pockets), we decided to open Donations to keep this forum alive and going.

Forum staff are time-volunteers and those that are giving their spare/ free time just for you to keep this place concise, clean and easy to use. Now we are asking you for help, a help as a financial aid. "Unfortunately" do not expect to get any kind of great and direct benefit by making donations. We appreciate your donation(s) no matter on the amount of money you share with us. Each and every, no matter how big, donation is more than helpful.

We know that we do not offer something special for our Donors but without these donations we'll be pressed to close this forum, thus there would be nothing to offer as it is offered now (now we have probably the largest database of codes, standards and norms from all around the world, and what's the most important, at this moment as you are reading this, you have access to this database)

As we said, there is no much to give you in return but to say Thank You for making this forum alive and going. We'll do our best to make and share with you some section of the forum with some rare data collected especially for you - but it will take time to make something like this - be patient and we will do eventually something for you in return.

For now, and for your donations, we offers a brand new label showing along your nick name: a word DONOR with small heart and one green banknote along with it.

Every member who makes a donation will be placed in Donor member group. This membership lasts for a year.

Please, be sure that we are not making any kind of profit from your donations. Your donations are going to be spent for forum improvements entirely.

By being Donor, it don't gives you any right to make spam nor to make bad posts.
By being Donor you still have to follow all of rules forum provided for you.
By being Donor, it not means you posses a part of the forum - we are not some stock company.
Donors don't have greater rights than Moderators or Protectors.

Once again, we are thankful to you for making donations.
You can send your gift (donation) directly to our Paypal account:

[Image: btn_donateCC_LG.gif]

please send your donation by gift/MassPayment/Send money (other/service) to our account and write in subject your CivilEA username (do not write donation text).

Thank You.

Sincerely yours,
Forum Staff

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