The 7th Anniversary of
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The 7th Anniversary of
Happy Birthday -----------civilea
Dear BennyP;

Thank You for post this thread. You are really the Admin Deputy and may be more.
I`am sorry for my less presence here due to my recent disease that force me to less activity in forum, I hope that I backto forum and do more activity here during next 3~4 month.

I want to tell all members 7th Anniversary of
unfortunately in 2015 we missed our specialist in forum core and we are looking for another person.
we are happy that in 2015 we upgraded forum core and also upgraded the forum theme. the big point in 2015 was upgrading our servers to more strong one.

in 2016 at first point, we are loocking for specialist (developer) in forum core to modify some forum code and fix bugs. then we will add new feature to forum,

thank you all member to support us also special thanks from all moderators that help me to control the forum specially during last few month that I could not online in forum they do the best.

HAPPY 7th. Anniversary of

we add special offer to forum for this big event:

1 year 14.99 > 10.99
2 years 26.99 > 16.99
3 years 35.99 > 21.99

use this coupon code:
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Happy Born Day for all CIVELA member..
Wish you all the best..

Selamat Ulang Tahun..
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With my deep pleasure to say
happy happy birthday my beloved forum

Wish full of success forever..
Good morning sunshine ! It was 4 months ago. What happened now ?
Will go to sleep for a year or two or will be with us ?
Happy Birthday!!! Best Regards!!!
Too much people not from our galaxy. The thread is closed.
I will post a new Happy Birthday on 25.12.2016 and you can add some other greetings when you are awake next year.
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