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Copy of Rules
Because the Rules post is too heavy and hard to open (too much users pressing Thanks inside) this is a copy easier to open and read (recommended for all).

1-You must use the POST GENERATOR for posting new thread that references to new material.

2- Transparent Links are not allowed; all links must be put in code tags.

3- If you are in agreement (or agree) with a post use the [Image: postbit_ty_add.gif] button, Any post that includes thanks only will be deleted & that user will receive a warning.

4- If anyone uses 2 or more user names in this Forum he/she will be banned from the Forum (IP banned).

5- If you create a Thread with information from another site or place, please provide a reference in your post.

6- Don't duplicate requests of books, software, etc. in the Thread.

7- Don`t use other image host like, all pictures must be upload in our host (, for more information see here

8. Post always in the appropriate section. Post requests in requests sections only.

9. Every user must enable his Private Message.

10. Don't use the forum threads for private messages, use PM (see rule 9).

11. Don't quote a post in full or parts of it. Don't duplicate an existing post by quotation. You are allowed to quote only the meaningful statements or questions required by your new post.

12. It's forbidden to use the forum for political and religious discussions and the use of political, religious, pornographic or other symbols hurting users in avatars, signature (including shout).

13. The only language for posting and for every material posted (books, software, etc) must be English.

14. Advertisements are forbidden and only public share servers will be used for sharing material (not personal blogs or other forums).

15. Insulting posts and the use of dirty words will cause an immediate banning.

16- New User must activate their account as soon as possible, all awaiting activation user may be deleted without any prior notice. for activate your account see HERE.

17- Do not post material in requested topics, post them in related section according to our templates then post URL of the posted material in requested topic. (For e.g. if someone request a ASTM code in request section and you have that, post new thread in eBook>Codes ...>ASTM, then post URL of that topic in reply of ASTM code request). after 20-Feb-2012 new warning will be add for this subject.

18- If you want to upload a material specially for CivilEA, only accepted password is "" (without "), please do not use other password contain civilea like CivilEA or FromCivilEA or CivilEA+ or ... (except VIP exclusive material). if you share material from other site that has own password there is no limitation for sharing it here.

19- Since is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the subscription is sent.
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