How to use full feature of forum?
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How to use full feature of forum?

First I thank you for choosing Here is the biggest civil engineering forum with well-organized sections. You (as a guest user (not-registered) or not-activated user) have limited access to forum. for having full access to forum sections and features you must register on forum then activate your account.

I note you some sections of forum and some part of posts are hidden from guest and not-activated users till they registered and activated their account.

How to register?

please go to HERE, and follow procedure to register on

How to activate your account?

after you register on forum, you must activate your account. I note that there is NO NEED activation email or activation code. Your account must be activate by buying subscription plan.
May be you know that we did not accept new user for more than 10 month, but after a lot of requests to open registration we open it but in limited condition. Due to huge costs of maintenance this site and keep it alive, Any Awaiting-Activation user need to pay subscription fee to activate his/her account.

Please do not send email or PM to me or moderators for activate your account.

You can pay this money by Paypal, Bitcoin, or SHETAB (for Iranian Users). Please select your plan and buy your favorite plan.

Please be informed that, this is temporary chance to join CivilEA group, anytime we have right to closed this system and not accept new users.

If you are non-Iranian user use below procedure to subscribe CivilEA:
[Image: PP.png]
Be informed that your account will be upgraded at time.

[Image: bit.png][Image: etc.png]
If you pay your subscription fee by Bitcoin or Ethereum we will gift you one month more for each year subscription.

If you are from Iran, you can select your plan from below address:
[Image: BankMellat.png]
[Image: banks.png]

What is different between one years subscription and mores?

By more years subscription you can save your money,

Benefits of Yellow (1-Year) Subscription
  • Full access (Except V.I.P section) on forum.
  • Can use private messaging.
  • Message Quota: 1000
  • Maximum Recipients Per Message: 5
Benefits of Green (2 Years) Subscription
  • Save 10%
  • Full access (Except V.I.P section) on forum.
  • Can use private messaging.
  • Message Quota: 1000
  • Maximum Recipients Per Message: 5
Benefits of Pink (3 Years) Subscription
  • Save 20%
  • Full access (Except V.I.P section) on forum.
  • Can use private messaging.
  • Message Quota: 1000
  • Maximum Recipients Per Message:5

Is there other ways?

Unfortunately at now we accept payments only with Papal, Bitcoin and Shetab. there is not any other way like: Bank transfer, ...

You have more question?

If you require further information or have subscription problems please post HERE

I Love You, CivilEA.
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