(AISC Video) Design Tips for Steel in Low or Moderate Seismic Regions -Dominic Kelly
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(AISC Video) Design Tips for Steel in Low or Moderate Seismic Regions -Dominic Kelly
(AISC Video) Design Tips for Steel in Low or Moderate Seismic Regions - Dominic Kelly and Robert Tremblay

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This session will first provide design examples of different types of bracing systems for buildings whose seismic lateral forces were determined in Part One (An Introduction to Earthquake Engineering and Seismic Codes - Ductility) of this seminar. This session will then provide tips to structural engineers who design buildings in regions of low or moderate seismicity. The topics covered include determining site class and seismic design category, selecting a steel seismic-force-resisting system, and applying detailing requirements.

This seminar is presented by Dominic Kelly of Simpson Gupertz and Heger; and Robert Tremblay of Ecole Polytechnique.

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