Journals, papers and presentations Section
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Journals, papers and presentations Section
Dear Admin and Moderators,

The "journals, papers and presentations" section has two caracteristics now. The positive one: it has a lot of material, either unique or related to important research, or both. The negative one: it is a mess, as a lot of information is just scrambled with no easy/straight direction toward it.

I assume that organizing that section will be a gigantic task, but maybe we can start with a few steps. Here´s one proposal for possible discussion/review:

As there is now a section for ACI and EERI, for example, let´s open a number of new subsections: AISC, IABSE, ASCE (different journals), UBC Library, MCEER Library, and so on... This would be the first step, and the result would be that at least, if we needed an specific research paper, we could head to the organization/institute we are interested in. This would only apply now for any new post.

The second stage, and the difficult one, would be to organize both the new posts in each subsection, and all the existing ones till this date. Ideally, all papers would end up organized by date of publication and (hopefully) according to the volume they belong to.

I clearly understand the complexities of this, but in my opinion it might be useful to give it at least a thorough review.

Best regards.
Information is not knowledge.
Albert Einstein
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