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[In Progress] Sub Forums for Books/Codes/Journals & Papers Request Forum
I don't know whether this has been suggested before but I was thinking it would be better if we could do a few changes in the Books/Codes/Journals & Papers Request section. Right now everyone is requesting for different kind of stuffs likes books ,journal papers etc and the number of threads is really getting a lot and hard to browse.
My suggestion is that we add some sub forums to this section such as :
Books Request
Journals & Papers Request
and like this.
we can also open up a new main threads for the famous journals like what i did for the Earthquake Engng & Struct. Dyn. or like what there already was for ASCE Journal Structur. Engrg. In this case if any user needs a paper from these journals he doesn't have to open up a new thread for it. he would simply post a reply and request for it in its appropriate main thread. By the way I think It will be a lot easier for those users who have access to these journals to help him with his request paper.
thanks for your attention
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I am thinking it is a good suggestion.
In my opinion, Books/Codes/Journals & Papers Request Forum we must to add 3 subforums:
Journals & Papers Request.

It is a good idea to add "main threads" for famous journals.

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Dear lizard and Vladimir,

Suggestions are good, but it take a lot of effort to move all of the requests in (suggested) new subsections - a LOT of effort and spending a lot of time to do the work.
As I have spare time I move fulfilled requests into coresponding E-Book sections of the forum - this is a lot of work - there is a need to add full info of the publication, andd cover image, split thread's posts into new threads and to move them into coresponding sections - I can redesign only 3-4 threads per day (we are speaking only about Request Section threads - not speaking about other things I do beside this) - have a note that there are about 600 or more request threads (about 150 fulfilled)

I'm ready to take this job (in making new subsections) but ONLY if few moderators join me in moderating those sections... if no one is interested in this redesign - we abandon this idea/ suggestion.

Waiting other suggestions.

With regards
If any posted material in CivilEA is useful to you, please buy it. Support the authors/developers. By any means you may not use the posted material in CivilEA to make money! Use it only for evaluation!
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Dear colleagues,

Let´s think about: Grunf, you're not alone! But the real question is: Is it worth?

The idea is nice, and how about just "FREEZE" the existing request section and create a new one, with this (or other suggestions) sub divisions, and starts as a new one.

In the near future, with more moderators (and I fully agree with Grunf: it´s spend a lot of time!) the post could be changed until the friezed section was empty.

That's the way I see to solve two situations: Create sub divisions and do not depend on the availability of time for moderators.

One important complement: - Remember that new members have an enormous difficulty to understand the workings of the forum and its structures. Only this week, several postings were posted incorrectly and request moved to the correct section.
Creating more sub divisions, rather than their help, it could be cause for confusion.

Regards for all

Dell Brett

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I think we'd better go with the "Freezing" idea. I can only imagine it is really gonna be a hard work and is definitely gonna need a lot of time and effort to read and to move every single thread to its appropriate sub forum. so given the circumstances i think going with the freezing idea could be the best solution.
we can freeze what ever it is up to now . then add our sub forums to the section, make the necessary changes . then to instruct users or the new members we can open up some Sticky threads like " How to request in civilea " or " Read this before you make request " to each forum explaining every user how to make his request in the appropriate section. then when anyone has extra time he can move the old threads to its new section. in this case we don't have to worry about the new requests , because thy already have been made in the right place.
By the way I must really thank you all the Moderators for all the things you do and all the time you spend to make the forum going great.
Thank you all
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I want to eBooks Moderating think about this idea (Freeze old request & divide new request only?)

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Dear Admin,
first of all, it´s easy to introduce this app if necessary?


Dell Brett
(04-22-2011, 01:07 PM)Dell Brett Wrote: Dear Admin,
first of all, it´s easy to introduce this app if necessary?


Dell Brett

which application? Disappointment

The "freeze" implementation
we`ll have 4+ section like this:

Books Request
Code Request
Journals & Papers Request

all old request`ll be moved to Archive section, this section close & any new request post at new sections Happy
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