New section for lectures/presentations
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New section for lectures/presentations
Dear Admin,

I have seen some presentations being posted in the section of Magazine, Journals and Papers which is not their right place. Kindly, let me suggest you to create a section by the name of lectures/presentations or a name as you wish for the presentations and lectures. This helps to find and post the right thing in the right position faster and safer.

Wish you all the best

Ali Akbar
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this good, but e-book moderators must be decided about it, if this section is necessary we`ll create it
The number of presentations and lectures isn't so big, so, I suggest that initially add this options to existing name, like:
Magazine, journals, papers and presentations

In the future, depending of the numbers, the section could be divided.


Dell Brett
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I agree with Dell. Rename the section into Magazine, journals, papers and presentations. In that way we would have more precise place to post presentations.

With regards
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