Not Effective Rule - Limit Request
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[SUGGESTION] Not Effective Rule - Limit Request
I suggest the following (it is not well though, just an idea after reading the forum for several years, and this thread, particularly).
  • Only significant material (that can be used by others, like books, software, useful calculations) has to be the reason to start a new thread. The idea of new thread is that several posts can follow in the thread, discussing new links, some questions, another editions, versions, etc.
  • Insignificant materials, that were obviously needed only once, by a single person, for specific problem (like scientific articles that are usually requested because of restricted/payed access to the journals) should be given in a post in the requesting thread, not starting a new one. In this category could go i.e. single drawings, specific requests for calculation.
  • The responding (contributing) author has to decide in which category goes the material he uploads. The moderators can have the final word, of course.
  • If the requester started "by mistake" a new thread for very insignificant material, when there was already existing thread for such requests (i.e. asking for Scientific article, and there is already a thread for requesting articles from some of the restricted magazines), the contributing/fulfilling author (as he is the exact person to see the misplacement of the request) have to "report" the inadequate request to the moderators. This is not of big importance, of course. The idea is to reduce the number of insignificant threads, and also if somebody is subscribed to a thread (like me) to see if there is a request that he can fulfill immediately.

What I prefer is to receive an e-mail from the forum robot, that there is a new post in the thread of requesting ScienceDirect articles. I know that I have access to these articles, so I can fulfill almost every request for such item.

What I don't prefer, is when checking for the new posts of the day to see new thread named "Please help!" (only this!!!) or "Bridge under earthquake", and starting such thread the requester asks for an article, and because I am not interested in bridges, or helping "dying people" - I will not open and read the thread at all. So the "requester" will not get the article.

Also I don't think it is a good idea to restrict new users, or users with many requests. I.e. you need many articles. Why not to post a request for all of these, and hope that at some of them could be found? This is not wrong. But the user should do it in good manner. I.e. starting a thread "I need something on seismic actions on bridges" and then in the first post to put a list of articles - it is not a good idea. It is better to add a post in some of the Scientific magazine's threads - even if you have 20-articles to request - put them in one post in the proper thread. The other option to write 20 separate posts/threads for each article separately - it is just tragic!

We (here) are not the ones to judge if somebody is good or bad. But is very easy to if somebody is impolite, doesn't have the culture to ask a simple question, even stupid. This is his personal problem, let's not make it Forum's problem. Just ignore it, delete it, keep the forum tidy, that's enough.
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I think the requester should do the hard work. If you are asking something free, you should work for it. It is only fare.
In a rush, and due to language barriers requester may not be able to do it properly, I think there should be a section which step by step graphicaly explaining what to do when you are requesting something. ( I got my warning and of course learned my lesson )
Thanks to everybody, putting a valuable effort into this forum. I really appreciate this forum.
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Is it possible or feasible to make sure the new-comer really reads and understand the rule and learns how to use the "post generator" properly, before he is allowed to post.
Because CivilEA is alot different (and better) than most of the forums. For example the newcomers can have a welcome section (which is a test threads or test posts). There they have to use post generator to post something. If they can not do it they are not allowed to post.
Am I getting ahead of myself , I am not sure.? But I see that moderators everyday dealing with this type of problems.
In school you have to pass certain tests to go to next level.
It can be done here somehow also. More I read and go thru CivilEA posts and threads more I see the potentials of this forum becoming an everyday-log-on place.. This is like a big school, and everybody (other than 99%) is trying to help.
As the time passes more and more I will learn about CivilEA, and share my thoughts.
Everybody is busy, as the moderators, and whatever helps them, should be done. Some people may not be able to post because of their restrictions, some another way of sharing has to be available for them.
Thank you for your time.

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