Advice: Softwares to learn over the summer!
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Advice: Softwares to learn over the summer!
Hi Everyone,

I still have one semester remaining to finish my second year studies. What I’m wondering about is what to do over the summer, the reason I choose to learn some software’s is because of the intern I will have over the next year summer in Dubai. This while enhance me lot better to do any task required, but the face lies in selecting the correct program.

Courses that I’ve successfully completed are:

Structural Analysis 1

Surveying 1, 2

Architectural Panning and Construction

Civil Engineering Drawing

Actually, there are more major courses such as traffic and transportation, geology and others but I would like to focus on the structural side.

Programs that I was thinking of completing over the remaining three consecutive summers are:

Summer 1: AutoCad 2D and Staad Pro

Summer 2: Revit Structural Modelling(3D)

Summer 3: Primavera Project Planner.

The Problem is that Can I start taking Revit structural Modelling this summer after just finishing Structural analysis 1.

Besides what do you prefer me choosing from Revit structural modeling , Bentley structure or AutoCAD Civil 3D and why.

Many Thanks,


Definitely learn Autocad, first. All the other software will build on the basic skills you will learn in Autocad. Once your curriculum moves on to structural design it will be easier to learn and understand the BIM software.

Also, if you intend to go the pure structural route you will never need to use Civil 3D.
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Dear Aladdins,
maybe you will find out more info if you go at the link below
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Always do what you are afraid to do...
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Dear Aladdins

If you like to focus on the structural side you should first learn Auto-cad Completely Because This is the one software build basic needs to all BIM software's like Staad pro, Revit Structures... etc.. But I Strongly Recommend to learn Staad pro, Csi Etabs, Csi SAP2000 And Csi SAFE. These are Widely Using Software's in Structural Design Field all over the world...!!!!

If You need Online Training Please Let Me Know..!!!

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My advice for your summers, if I'm allowed, is the following:

Summer 1: Visiting ancient civilization sites (Egypt, Angkor, etc, etc);
Summer 2: Reading a lot of literature and history on a calm place in the mountains;
Summer 3: Relaxing on a beach, doing nothing as the previous year's efforts were enormous.

Take your time. Learn engineering while you're in school. Learn other things where you're not at school. As a wise(?) man once said: "That who knows only about engineering, not even engineering he knows". :)

Hope it helps!
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As a wise man said :" When you are not sure about something ask the universe" - And I ask the Civilians!!.

Many thanks for sharing your belief and experience to help me embrace with my own self.

In fact how I see it after reading many replies is that a break is essential to charge me with sufficient energy for my upcoming college years, which I've already agreed that those are my life time years that I would never forget.

In contrast, I will take AutoCad 2D courses this summer, but can anyone please guide me if I should also take AutoCad 3D!

And regading my internship, I will choose to take the job of a " Site supervisor" that will grasb the sensitivity and the experience of the site workers and the engineers to my own purpose and career.

Once Again,
Just start with AutoCAD 2D if you're more or less new to drafting. Get to know and efficiently work your way around layers, title blocks and all the other basic AutoCAD building blocks, check out some YT videos and learn what you're most interested in learning. Mainly though you should enjoy your break mate, you deserved it! : )
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(01-31-2012, 05:32 PM)Aladdins Wrote: In contrast, I will take AutoCad 2D courses this summer, but can anyone please guide me if I should also take AutoCad 3D!

I don't think you need to know AutoCad 3D. At most you only really need to know how to pan around and view a 3D model or surface in AutoCad. It is better to master AutoCad 2D than to be average at both AutoCad 2D & 3D as in my experience most civil companies only use the 2D features of AutoCad.

Post any AutoCad questions you have and I will try to help you.

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