Advice for Meshfree Finite Element Method
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Advice for Meshfree Finite Element Method
I've put this thread here since is not the type of request. More like advice.
I'm thinking of getting into the meshfree method, but I'm not sure from where to start. I could easily take one of the books that are in the forum and start with that but I'm looking for advice with what specifically to start, and from where. What book is the best for that? Is there any lecture notes?
Or maybe state-of-the-art paper.
Any advice is good, and I'm thankful for it.
Best regards
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dear firend
you choosed good numerical modelling method,which used for aerospace components design simulation,i prefer to you the following books that you can easily download them from internet
Mesh Free Methods - Moving Beyond the Finite Element Method
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The book can be found on this thread
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