Foundation: Assessment of Transversely Loaded Pile in Soil
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Foundation: Assessment of Transversely Loaded Pile in Soil
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.xls   Horiz loading on piles(Cohesionless).xls (Size: 49 KB / Downloads: 566)
[Image: 97000283121349221555.jpg]

.xls   Horiz loading on piles(Cohesive).xls (Size: 54.5 KB / Downloads: 628)
hi Kowheng.

I just wanna ask your how do u design piles that have horizontal load. ( for an example bore pile. )How do i take the moment from horizontal load. any simplified method by hand calculation.Doesnt it involve soil and structure interaction?

Thank You

Another thing. the moment can be uniform all the way to the bottom.

Hi SUSheikh,

It's very hard for me to explain because your question show that you don't have basic for laterlal load pile design. I recommend you to read "Pile Foundation Analysis and Design, Poulos Davis, Chapter 7" where all formula in my worksheet is reference to.

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After reading and look into formula in worksheet, then we can discuss more specifically.
Teaching & explain like a teacher is very very hard work for me. Sorry for that.
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The complete book could be found at:
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hi Kowheng

I have briefly read through the Pile Foundation Analysis and Ciria Report 103. Since my pile is 35m in length so it is considered to be a long pile. Hence, the mode of failure would be dependent on the yield moment of the pile.Therefore it is safe to assume that the reinforcement together with the section properties of the pile must give an equal capacity to the yield moment.

In my case i have a horizontal force of 562.5KN (SLS) and 1.4*562.5kN= 787.5kN
e= 6000mm and size of pile d=1000mm. cu assume to 25 kN/m2 .

By using Figure 7.9 in the book u recommend . i obtained the ultimate lateral resistance in cohesive soil=31.5. Then using the figure 7.9 i obtain yield moment (Mu/cuD3)= 250
and I obtained Mu ( Yield Moment to be 6250kNm). Based on this moment then i designed the reinforcement for my bored pile in order to cater to the lateral load (H=562.5kN). The axial load will be looked into separately. Do u think this approach is correct? Thanks alot for ur help. I also appreciate u recommending me the book on pile.:yes:
Hi SUSheikh,

You are welcome.

In Hu design, we use factor load, not SLS load.
When consider Hu, we have to explicitly consider Hu per pile or total Hu per footing. Your approach is correct. I'd used this approach to design piles of bridge abutment for 20m steel I girder span to resist lateral seismic force in Solomon Island (4 years ago) and 2000ton anchor bed for pretensioned casting yard 15 years ago. It's still there and working well until now.
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Hi Kowheng.

I am using Hu to be ULS not SLS. I do understand the formula in the book. But i wish u could explain a bit more on your spreadsheet. In my case i'm on interested to obtain the bending moment generated by the lateral load. what i can gather is that ur ploting the behaviour of the pile.

anyhow. Thanks A lot.
Best Regards
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