Foundation: Lateral Pile Analyis with PY Curves and Non-Linear Pile Properties
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Foundation: Lateral Pile Analyis with PY Curves and Non-Linear Pile Properties
[Image: info.png]
Analyses features following functions:

■Soil PY curves may be automatically generated or externally generated curves may be used
■The pile may be divided into any number of sections, each with either a fixed flexural rigidity, or for circular or rectangular reinforced concrete sections, a calculated rigidity, based on the section properties, applied bending moment and axial load, and the concrete tensile strength and modulus.
■The flexural stiffness of reinforced concrete sections is based on the method specified in Eurocode 2, and includes the effects of tension stiffening, loss of tension stiffening, and shrinkage and creep.

[Image: screen.png]

[Image: 88170871021947265137.jpg]

[Image: 94128691996574866506.jpg]

[Image: 74700644280053211584.jpg]

[Image: 69960107782637261550.jpg]

[Image: Download.png]

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Direct Mirror

.xls   LatPilePY.xls (Size: 458 KB / Downloads: 383)
Rename second file LatPilePYb.xls with this name LatPilePY.xlsb before using it with first file
Its Excel Binary Workbook file

.xls   LatPilePYb.xls (Size: 208.89 KB / Downloads: 311)
stone age was not finished due to lack of stones. . . . . .tEChNOlOGY Changed
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usman - the two files appear identical, and I can open each even without changing the name of the second file. I am sure there is some purpose to this. Can you please educate me, and I presume others, about what does the binary file do. What is its function, why is it called binary, etc.?

This really surprised and mystifies me.
A file with the XLSB file extension is an Excel Binary Workbook file.

Excel Binary Workbook files store information in binary format instead of the XML format like with most other Excel files. Since XLSB files are binary, they can be read from and written to much faster, making them extremely useful for very large spreadsheets.

Both of these two files are available in post #1 link

In order to upload these files to civilea server, the file extension of second file needed to be changed to upload (as explained in post #2), civilea file attachment don't support XLSB file extension

XLBS file extension probably is not supported by older versions of excel (not sure 100%)
stone age was not finished due to lack of stones. . . . . .tEChNOlOGY Changed
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Thank you. I do understand that the original posting had the two file in the zip.

So I take it that I can use either file, though it would be preferable to use the binary file. What I am getting to is, can an user delete one of the files without it affecting the results. I believe the answer is yes, just want to confirm. No reply required if my assumption is correct.

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