Foundation: Hiley's Pile Driving Formula
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Foundation: Hiley's Pile Driving Formula
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.xls   Hiley_Table.xls (Size: 105 KB / Downloads: 798)
hi kowheng.. why doesnt it work for a pile size 250x250 sq pile with 18m in depth
ram weigth 3.0 tonnes Ram Drop Height (H)=450mm Coeff. of Rest (N)
=0.5mm Temp.Compression (C )=12mm Weight of Driving Cap (P2)=0.41tonnes

Dear SUSheikh,

Main reasons where Hiley's Formula cannot be applied are:
1. Improperly using hammer weight compared with the pile weight.
2. Design pile end bearing capacity is beyond this formula.

Any how, could you please post your screen shot? Which part you said It doesn't work?
If you understood the principle of formula, you should known why it doesn't work. My file can be edited, it doesn't be locked, you can look into them and make understanding it.

Did you compare with hand calculation?
Don't use any software without basic background of it !!!!!!!


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