Best bridge engineering softwares based on Eurocodes
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Best bridge engineering softwares based on Eurocodes
I need more opinions! :yes:
in my opinion, the kind of software which is comfortable tobe used and help you solve the problem can be considered "best". If there're limitations, well, that's all the matter of each software, there're plus and minus factors.
I'll give you an example: for sometime I used SAP2000 for my analysis since I'm so comfortable to it, but since it has limitation for micro analysis, so I switch to ABAQUS. There're many software available, but surely that you must choose one of them as you consider it "best". Thank you.
based in your question " Best bridge engineering softwares based on Eurocodes "
there are no more softwares that support Eurocode in analysis and design of bridges.
Actually some which are powerfool are SOFiSTiK, RM Bridge and Midas Civil,
As for mee i will suggest SOFiSTiK because it support full Eurocodes in every sense - otherwise is not to much user friendly. As for Midas Civil - he has started before two or three years implementation of Eurocodes in designin of bridges ( Although Midas Civil support composite analysis and design by EC4 ),
And for RM Bridge ( i havent used ) as i know support Eurocodes well, but i dont know to much about this software.

Everybody who have little sense in structural engineering know about SAP and what is SAP.
Personally i agree with everybody that SAP is father and mother for every structural engineering software, and no doubt for this, but unfortunately i must say that for designing of bridges to Eurocode SAP 2000 offer ZERO possibilityes.

I use SAP 200 and csi products for analysis and design of buildings related with EC, but not for Bridges.

So finally i suggest SOFiSTiK for analysis and design of all kind of Bridges according to EUROCODE.

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