Nonlinear Static Analysis of a Multistory Plane Frame
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Nonlinear Static Analysis of a Multistory Plane Frame
Dear All,
I am doing some research relating to story ductility ratios. I am using Sap2000. The problem is that i have to carry out a lot of iterations and hit and trials. I needed to know is there any simplified software or excel sheet which i can modify.
Dear 88FENIX,

You can employ batch file control in file menu for large number analysis run using sap2000/etabs so that you dont need to hit and run for hundred times. However, the problem may then arise from retrieving the output data (post-processing).

I suggest you to use DOS-based program such as IDARC2D and Ruaumoko, or perhaps OpenSees, for parametric analysis that dealing with large number of analysis run. It is because the retrieving of output data is easy to manage.

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Dear 88FENIX,

OAPI (Open Application Programming Interface) for SAP2000 could be helpful in your case. Using OAPI, you can almost totally manage your SAP from an Excel file (automatically create a model - analyze - read analysing results). The basic requirement is you must know a little bit about Visual Basic (SAP and Excel also.)

If you choose OAPI, the SAP2000_API_Documentation.chm available in the SAP installation folder which contains a range of wonderful sample codes could be copied and adjusted to fit your needs.

For more information (introduction - tutorial video), you can go to the CSi site with the keyword "OAPI".
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