Static and Dynamic Analysis of Nonlinear Plane Structures
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Static and Dynamic Analysis of Nonlinear Plane Structures
Hi to all,
I am doing research and a need a software for Static and Dynamic Analysis of a Nonlinear Plane Structure. I have heard of DRAIN-2DX. But it works in DOS and ain't user friendly. Can any one suggest any other software with Graphical User interface?
try nonlim pro.
NONLINPRO uses a (slightly) modified version of DRAIN2DX. The modification is not in the
calculation code, just in the file output.

good luck
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try this website. it is free to download

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Hi 88FeNIX,

I think sap2000 or etabs is one of the best user friendly program with a handy GUI. You can also try Seismostruct or Zeus-NL (in other version) for the best user friendly freeware programs for RC structure. however, these last two programs have the disadvantage which is its advantage at the same time: using fiber model for section analysis to define the member's hinge that is embeded in the program. it is meant the program automatically calculate the force-deformation curve for each member. unfotunately, the hinge definition is only for moment and axial-moment interaction. if you prefer to consider shear hinge in the analysis, these programs would not help you.

If your intention is for the research (to achieve a goal as close as posible to the real case), then you need the sophisticated program which is commonly not user friendly. Ruaumoko, Opensees, and DRAIN are strongly recommended for this task. :dash2:

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Dear adekajeng,
You have been real helpful but i am also sorry that i didnt conveyed my problem completely. Actually i am right now doing research and using SAP but thought
that it is a commerical software.
Thanks a lot and i will give Seismostruct & Zeus-NL a go.

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