Seismic performance assessment of a continuous highway bridge seismically isolated b
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Seismic performance assessment of a continuous highway bridge seismically isolated b
Seismic performance assessment of a continuous highway bridge seismically isolated by lead rubber bearings

Author: A. R. Bhuiyan , R. Alam , N. Haque | Size: 481 KB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Publisher: Asian Transaction on Engineering ( ATE ISSN: 2221 - 4267) Volume 02 Issue 03 | Year: JULY 2012 | pages: 10

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This study is dedicated to wards conducting seismic performance assessmentof a three-spancontinuous
highwaybridgeisolated by lead rubber bearing (LRB)
subjected to near and far field earthquake ground motion records. A typical interior bridge pier modeled by a 2-DOF system comprising an isolation bearing (LRB) and a bridge pier is considered in the study. In the first step of the work, analytical models of the bridge pier and LRB are introduced. A visco -elasto-plastic rheology model for describing the mechanical behavior of LRB is employed , whereas a standard bilinear force-displacement relationship is employed for evaluating the nonlinearmechanical behavior of the bridge pier . In the second phase of the work, non linear dynamic analys is of the 2 - DOF system using a standard direct time integration approach is performed to compute the seismic response s such as pier displacement, bearing displacement, bearing force and input energy . The analytical results show that the seismic responses of the system are significantly affected by the characteristics of the earthquake ground motion records.

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