Programming with C++ Free discussion
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Programming with C++ Free discussion
Firstly many thanks Livium for your support in this discussion ...

I have developed small application with WPF ...

it is very nice ...and very easy ...but some times you have difficlties to write wpf code and c sharpe code in together ...
sometimez very slow performance ..but for small application i see no problem ...

but currently i try to write a mathematical equations be appeared as wirtten in codes ... but i see it is very difficult .. i searched in net ...but no way ...
some suggested to use mathcad or matlab ..but i want to build the application either by c sharpe or wpf ...

I hope you can assist for this issue Livium ...

My best regards to all my beloved friends in the forum ...
and waiting for further discussions ...
If you wait for LiviuM take a look in Forum Team list. His last visit in forum was in 29.11.17 so...
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  • mecheil.edwar
Hi BennyP...
it is a free discussion and all can share the openions and suggestation ...
And I hope to find an assist to know how to build applications that can write a math formules ....

I see many softwares as Tedds , Midas Design+ Masterseries ... writting their own formule same as math shape ... but I could not know how to do ...
they using a graphic object to draw the formula ...or they build a library to build these special math symbols ...
I do not know ...
I try with WPF ...but could not find any solution ...

I read Charliz Petzold ... win API programming ... he discussed only special letters like greek ...Char...
I hope all can share and discuss this subject ...
Of course you can and every one who can help you is wellcomed. I only told you LiviuM is not here for a long time. I will not accept free discussion about football or girls but programning for sure.
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I expect there are two solution to write Math Formula ...

Solution one to build your own graphich objects that draw the required formula ... but you will scratch from zero ...

solution two
to use any Math Library that can assist and give the required shapes ... it will become something like directx or openGL...

I see some talking for MathLB Library .. but i could not find proper instructions to implement in the project and get proper results either with C# or WPF...
I have done very little with WPF so probably not much help, but have you tried some of the open source libraries like the one below? Maybe it's not a complete solution for you but you may be able to leverage some of the existing code base to make your life easier and at least see how they implemented such functionality.

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  • mecheil.edwar, LiviuM
Dear mecheil.edwar,

I've never used such component, if you find one that works please share.

Some long time ago I wrote code in VB6 to parse equations. I was using a tree structure based on math operations priority. It might be a long path to create your own component, but at least it can also solve not just display.

Google using keywords: latex c# wpf
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It also depends if the equations are static or if the user can change them and how much.

Regarding the static nature of WPF objects, for high performance dynamic graphics a "native window" DirectX component is used. Etabs and Sap are using SharpDX. Tekla was using OpenGL (don't know what's using in the current version).
I've used SharpGL for OpenGL in windows forms and I believe wpf too.

WPF was created to create a weak bind between interface and processing, and to be used by a team of programmers, so the learning curve is difficult.

About the thread subject, programming with C++

Recently I wrote some code in C with few elements of C++, for an embedded project, linux on arm processor, and the choice was C for stability and performance.
- software had to be as real-time as possible
- each function had to run each time in a measurable time period (not shorter, not longer)
- didn't want any dependencies on external libraries, only the OS functions
- I wrote several custom protocols over UDP and TCP/IP, for performance I required some fast memory operations and casting without memcopy from byte array to struct and struct to byte array
- full control of memory allocation/release
- and I2C, SPI and UART TTL interface communication and protocols

It works, 24/7, 8 months uptime, performing the same operations each millisecond.

For the x64 part of the project, running on intel atom industrial pc, I've used .NET Core on linux and it's very stable. Console application no graphics running as service. Multithreading, 8TB custom database format and engine from scratch, data stored in 3d (zoom, x, y like google maps), custom https server and websocket server from scratch, 3 protocols over TCP and 2 over UDP. About 4 months work in c#. In c/c++ I can write that code in 2-3 years.

All code is in classes stored in .NetStandard libraries so it runs on windows .Net Framework or Linux .NetCore.
For the end user on windows I've used Windows Forms and SharpGL because I had little time.

I don't like python, and I don't like to use libraries and be stuck in other people bugs or updates or dependencies.

For a web platform I've used free and paid chart components like amcharts, smoothie chart and chart.js.
Elastic has a platform which does a lot more than I wrote, but it fails in both performance and stability compared to my custom tailored solution.
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Best wishes
With so many doctors there's nobody sick in this world.
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Many Thanks Livium for your valuable post ...
Kindly can you tell me some simple notes to write math formulas in VB

and any simple refernce to learn sharpGL and implement in my projects ...

I appolgize you explain so many topics for very advancd level programmers ... But I am trying to learn ...

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