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nowadays , as we can see trimble group "Tekla" decided to merge CSC company to have a full product support for BIM system , we see same issue before with autodesk and bently.
autodesk is using robot to provide a structural solutions and bentely is using staad pro. and now with tekla you can use orion and fastrak , I expect tekla will provide some additional tools to improve link between detailing software "tekla structure" and analysis software "fastrak and orion"...
I can use a phrase that says " all in one " . this is the main object of these companies.

not only analysis engine but also design tools as connection design , we can see with bentely alot of connection design softwares are available...

I can say currently the market of software is not to provide a local solution for engineering problems but to provide a global solution including all engineering details, archtect design , structural analysis and solutions , detailing design and drawings, 3D views ,coordinations with all other parts of the project..

and also I noted that still CSi and Midas group not merging with any other part..they providing only structural solutions...

finally I am very interested to see what Tekla will improve and what tekla will provide users for the CSC softwares "orion , Fastrak, Tedds"..

appreciate any further discussions.

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For Tekla:
Tekla starts from Detailing and now trying to enter Engineering market step by step,
first added a ability to design connections with external excel sheets, then added a link for famous analysis software eg. "ETABS, Sap2000, Staad, ...ect"
that means Tekla Started from bottom to top " if we consider the Engineering is Top and Detailing is bottom of Engineering , construction process"

now Tekla is one of Trimble companies
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For CSC Orion:
it started both together A&D plus detailing, and now CSC is now part of Tekla
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that means CSC is one of Trimble companies
the problem in CSC orion is that didn't support american code

that means CSC Started from both bottom and top together at same time.

For Bentley:
is started for Engineering and trying to get apart of detailing market few years ago witj new products Prosteel Proconcrete ,... ect.

that means Bentley Started from top to bottom.


starting from middle "Drafting" and provide a have solution for both Engineering & Detailing.
and now trying to get a part in all Markets " Engineering , Detailing and BIM"

that means AutoDesk Started from Middle to top & bottom.

depending on the history of each company and its procedure to enter a desire market " Engineering or detailing or construction and now BIM market" we can have a good opinion in the strength and weakness of each.

Now the Competition in providing Structural Engineering, Detailing, Construction & BIM solutions is between the big three companies Bentley, Trimble , AutoDesk
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Integration and start to end solutions are major focus all these software companies are trying to. Bentley and Autodesk have plant design system too. But Intergraph and Aveva seems to be the market leaders.

Future we may have a integrated environment from Project Start to End.
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by releasing Tekla Structural Designer 2015 which is a merging of CSC products, Tekla made a few steps in A&D market.Wink

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So how is Tekla Structural Designer 2015 compared to Robot and STAAD? i am currently in search for a very good software and i am leaning towards the AUTODESK BUILDING DESIGN SUITE because of the so many softwares provided at a very competitive price.
Dear Μηχανικος, Tekla Structural Designer 2015 is still new for now. We are yet to see all it has before any meaningful comparison can be made. Robot, STAAD and AUTODESK BUILDING DESIGN SUITE has been around for a while now. So lets learn the major strengths of TSD 2015 and be in position to compare.
Civil Engineering.....restructuring the world
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