good book about explanation of Young's modulus and stiffness
Is there a good book which explains what is the Young's modulus - E and stiffness EA? I am also interested in derivation of the EA equation. From where did it became?

Also interested in all other types of modulus - Shear modulus? Any other?
Concerning Modulus of Elasticity and Shear Modulus, try to find books called:
Otpornost materijala by Vice Šimić - there you should find lot of interesting things concerning materials and it is written in Croatian... As a student I was learning stuff from this book. (Lot of solved examples and good explained theory) Hope it helps.

With regards

p.s. for all non-English speakers - Otpornost materijala literary means Resistance of Material
and Šimić you can read as Shimich...

p.p.s. I'll try to find PDF format of the book but I can't promise you that - as soon as I find it, you'll have it.
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You should try this..

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I think "Semismic Design of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Buildings" of T.Paulay and M.J.N. Priesttley is a text book to mention the structure stiffness in some chapters.

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That basic stuff can be found in any reinforced concrete book and strength of material book. Download some in the books section and do some reading.

Thank you for the answers, both of you. I didn't find the book you specified:

"Semismic Design of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Buildings" of T.Paulay and M.J.N. Priesttley

it seems that someone deleted it from the E-books folder.
But I found this one:
Reinforced Concrete Structures - Robert Park, Thomas Paulay

I do not know if this one is good or not?
Ok I read some of the books you gave me.

At the end I realised that Young's modulus is a ratio of stress-strain diagram, but related only to the starting OA line (line where stress-strain relation is linear). Am I right?

Now I want to know what is the difference between stiffness and rigidity ?
You may also consult "Strength of Materials" by Dr R.K.Bansal , published in India by "Laxmi Publications"
Hi george85

In general, stiffness and rigidity means the same thing. Both answers to the question how stiff or how rigid the material is when subject to load or deformation. In specific terms using numerical values, we normally use stiffness like what is the axial stiffness, flexural stiffness, torsional, or shear stiffness of the material rather than saying axial, flexural, torsional, or shear rigidity of the material. Sometimes, rigidity is referred to the toughness against volumetric deformation of the material.

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Thank you for the reply Jpver

What is the difference between Shear Modulus and Modulus of Elasticity Perpendicular (In application RFEM (program for structural analysis and design of constuctions) it is named by E90,meant

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