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new computer
I work as a civil designer and our company was flooded with Dell's. I knew from before that they cannot be trusted and in time they had to agree with me. The Dells we had were at their time 3000 dollars a piece and were the most recommended for our work with Civil 3D. I researched more into them to find out that even if they have high end components, their technology is betrayed by the motherboard that according to many people is the cheapest the processor can run on.
So since we got screwed with Dells we went on building our own systems to systems that could be upgraded on the fly without OEM parts and we had no issue since.
when you r buying notebook
concentrate on the
processor (core i3 or i5 or i7)
ram is (4giga bytes)
graphics card dosnt matter with us as construction engineers
cash (from 3 to 6)
avoid amd processors for its high temprature

there is much more brands but the more suitable for hard work is toshiba
the model will depend on your budget

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