SAP2000 edb file
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SAP2000 edb file
Dear Brother,

i want to ask about EDB file. a consulting engineer give me a EDB file only to check the structure analysis. i try to open it using SAP2000 v14, but it cannot open. is it possible to open the file if we just supply by EDB file?

thank you very much
.edb file is actually etabs file. you should open it in etabs. if you still want to open it in sap2000, even then you have to first open it in etabs and then use file>export>save model as sap2000 .s2k text file. this way you will have a sap2000 compatible file. next open sap2000 and import that "sap2000 .s2k text" file into sap2000.
Thats the only way i know, but i am new to etabs/sap2000 family so if there is another way experts may help you.

take care
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