Spectrum reponse file in SAP2000 V14
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Spectrum reponse file in SAP2000 V14
in SAP2000 V14
how i define and enter the spectrum reponse file (from file) ?
please help me

click on the icons below

after you choose from file and then click on "add new function

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but in version 14 no FUNCTION icon found
help me!!!!!!!
Dear Smilife,

yes there is, mine ver.14 as well.

click DEFINE > FUNCTIONS > RESPONSE SPECTRUM > select from file in Choose Function Type to Add > Add New Function > Select Frequency vs Value or Period vs Value > Browse > select your file > View the file, if you want to make sure your file format > key in the Header Lines to Skip > Display Graph, to see your considered graph.

Hope it helps
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after you select RS txt files, don't forget to click "Convert to User Defined" this command make avoid dependencies. S2K files still works if you accidentally deleted RS txt files or works in others PC where you forget to includes and copy these files.
thank you all

but the problem is in my SAP2000 V14, after uninstalation , V14.1 it works 100%


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