Happy Birthday CivilEA
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Happy Birthday CivilEA
On 24 of December the site will be one year old. Happy birthday !
Dear friends,

It is a very happy occation to know that our site is 1 year old. I am very glad that I am a member of this wondrfull, exciting and knowledgefull site. Hope all the members contribute to the best of their capacity to make this site world's No-1.

In the mean time I also ask all the member to keep this site clean, and neat without any ego and agression between the members, and with more professional way. Try to avoid critisize words, obusive words among the members.

I once again congratulate the site members and hope everyone welcome my above words with a smiling face.

Happy Birthday..

While there are a lot of users from all around the world in Civilea, there are also some celebrations in or around these dates for many.

Happy birthday Civilea, which are all of you that are reading these message. But also, and most specially, thanks to the big brains behind this: Admin, supermoderators, moderators, candidate moderators. All of you have done a lot for this site, and without any monetary reward: Admin, Dell bret, abudabeeja, Grunf, BennyP, Ultrazone, timosi, oanm2000, concreteok, struceng, kamran, robertsas, reynand.... (my apologize for all that were left out, but may be so many)

Happy Holidays for all those that celebrate this dates with special interest: Merry Christmas. Hope you have a happy time with family and loved ones.

HAPPY NEW YEAR for everyone!!! Make the best of it and may all your wishes come true.
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So fast and has a year board?. Well it must be emphasized that there have been many notable changes in all areas of this important site. I personally have to say that I have felt like in my own house and I have learned a lot of suggestions from our moderators. Likewise if I am available for any questions you have and if it is in my hands I will resolve it with all the availability of the world.

Congratulations to all, to spend a nice holiday and we'll be looking for us and what lies this new year.

Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. Thanks again.
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Its great to even understand how much this forum has contributed to civil engineering professionals all around the world with in such a short period of one year.

The thing that amazes me is the fact that this forum is innovative in representing the inputs of all the members through Threads and all the moderators & Admin has taken such interest in improvising the forum for world class quality.

Cheers to all and Advance wish for the birthday.. :)

"A Smallest Good Deed Is Bigger Than Greatest Good Intention".

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Its been a pleasure being at this forum, this forum has helped me a lot in understanding and applying lots of engineering knowlegde. I take this oppurtunity to congratulate and thank all the engineers and the creators of this wonderful forum.

I hope the forum will see many moons ahead, and keep helping engineers with technical support.

HAPPY BIRHTDAY again and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the users.

Cheers to CEA.
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[Image: g6t80x598ywylofqmsw9.png]

hi to all...

our forum now 1 years old .... congratulation to all user & moderators ...
in one year all of us improve our knowledge here by sharing them ...
more important we found good friends from world ....
we are nothing without you, without moderators ....
CivilEA is live until we have you & moderators ...

we want to open new sections & facilities for our site now (CivilEA Birthday) but we are very busy in last month & can`t prepare new surprise ... sorry ...

after one year it is better see static of our forum:

Registered user: 11547
Existing User: 7417 (after deleting inactive user)
Posts: Over 16500
Thread: Over 5000
Average User Online: 70
Maximum User Online: 308
Posts per day: 45.34
Threads per day: 13.86
Members per day: 20.37
Posts per member: 2.23
Replies per thread: 2.27

[Image: 41612610452630138777.jpg]
[Image: 77721223716812851284.jpg]

again congratulation to all 1 year birthday of CivilEA Forum.
specially thanks to our moderator :
cod-X (Our First Moderator)

Dell Brett

Ultra Zone

thanks from all VIP Members, thanks from all members ...

HaPpY BiRtHdAy ..........
Happy birthday CivilEA

and happy long holiday to all.

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Happy Birthday CiVILEA and congratulations to all forum members admin moderators - Adam Smith
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Happy Birthday CivilEA.

Long Live CivilEA...........

Thanx Admin for Gifting us a beautiful forum like this.

Thanx to Moderators for maintaining forum in good condition.

Thanx to sponsorers for supporting and trusting in forum.

Thanx to all members for making this forum live.

Happy Birthday CivilEA again.....................
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