Energy Methods of Structural Analysis: Theory, worked examples and problems
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Energy Methods of Structural Analysis: Theory, worked examples and problems
Energy Methods of Structural Analysis: Theory, worked examples and problems

Author(s)/Editor(s): B.A. Young | Size: 9 MB | Format: PDF | Quality: Scanner | Publisher: Palgrave HE UK | Year: 1981 | pages: 176 | ISBN: 0333277767 / 978-0333277768

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A wide variety of different methods of structural analysis exist although many of them are designed for the solution of particular types of problem. Two procedures, however, are generally applicable; these are the method of virtual work and energy methods. In essence, the two methods are equivalent since, although the arguments used in establishing the governing equations differ, the equations themselves are identical.
In the author's experience, students studying virtual work find some difficulty in coming to terms with the idea of hypothetical forces or deformations whereas they quickly grasp the more obvious physical interpretations of the energy approach. One additional advantage that energy methods have over virtual work is their application to the approximate solution of complex problems for which exact solutions may not exist.
Energy methods have not received the consideration they deserve in the literature and it is for this reason that this book has been written. The few acceptable textbooks which treat the subject are at a level which is not easily accessible to undergraduates. It is a matter of regret that most undergraduate textbooks which do deal with energy methods generally reveal a hazy understanding of the principles and fail to take full advantage of their potential.

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