Duplicate User Warning
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Duplicate User Warning
(10-22-2010, 05:24 AM)HungNguyen29 Wrote: Dear Admin,

I have an account in Civilea forum and my colleagues also have accounts. So, we have same IP of my company when accessing Civilea forum. Beside, I use different IP at home and at office.

I wonder all above cases mean Duplicate User. Could you explain my query?
Thank & BRs,

Don`t worry, duplicate account does`t mean same IP.

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In our office everybody has individual pc but i think the IP Address is same because we cannot download from rapidshare simultaneously. So in this case different users but same IP. What happen now,especially I introduced some of my colleagues with CIVILEA.
Men Build too many walls not enough bridges.
STOP discussion about same IP.

I told you same IP not important for us, we know different user may use same IP...
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Admin, please delete my current account.
In order to become an active user i must somehow contribute to this site. And that is usually done easier by hiding my identity. In order to do that, i should rename my user. I already have a new user id, so please erase this one. I did this because my current status did not allow user rename. And please forgive me for this rather unusual approach. Thank you.
Dear Admin,

Excuse me, I have 2 accounts in CIVILEA as armagedon and as rezart. I have mistaken to sign up 2 accounts. Forgive me please.
I have tried to cancel one account but without success. Please erase to me the account armagedon so I will have only one account as rezart. Many, many thanks and forgive me please

Best Regards from rezart

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