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Here is A GUIDE on how to post a book or any reference materials in the CIVILEA Forum.

1. Prepare the image front cover of the book using screenshot software such as Screenhunter, or any software that can crop or screenshot, etc. Save it in your computer or storage device.
2. Click POSTGEN at the top of this forum screen.
3. In TITLE HEADING, type the title of the book
4. For COVER, click Upload and find the screenshot of the book front cover in your computer or storage device. Click browse and start uploading the screenshot. Copy the line in Direct Link and paste it in PostGen.
5. In INFO, describe the book following CIVILEA rules. It would be good to know the file size, number of pages, author, date published etc.
6. You may add additional SCREENSHOT about the book if it is necessary and helpful.
7. In DOWNLOAD LINK, type the download link or better copy and paste the link where you store the main file of the book.
8. In PASSWORD, type the password of the file if it is required to open it.
9. Now Click GENERATE.
10. Using the mouse, copy the output (i.e. highlighting the content, right click the mouse, and select COPY).
11. Find the appropriate FORUM to post the book.
12. Once you have the right FORUM, click NEW THREAD on the right side bottom of your computer screen.
13. In this new screen, just click PASTE in YOUR MESSAGE (i.e right click mouse and select PASTE). Also type the title of the book in the THREAD SUBJECT.
14. Please click PREVIEW POST to see the actual output when it is displayed.
15. Once satisfied, Click POST THREAD.
16. AS a reminder, search first before posting to avoid duplication.

I hope I have given a guide to the other NEWBIES. Thanks.

Thanks Jpver,actually i have some ebooks i want to share thanks for your guide,im quite also careful cause i dont want to be banned,i try to spend more time with our group to know more because the more time we spend,the more time we know and honestly i seldom visit our site due to work fatigue(mostly supervision in site in a plant) and im afraid also to commit an elementary mistakes which means i did not study nor spend more time to know more our site.
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Dear Bensky40,

You can upload your file on my folder share special for Forum civilea. :

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I will postgen your file soon.

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