Private messages quota
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Private messages quota
All our users are requested to check the inbox of Private Messages and to free space in case it is full.

Trying to send messages I receive an error like this one:

Quote:•rusty has reached their private message quota so your message could not be sent.

This is a real example used for this post but soon when receiving such errors I will warn the user with the full inbox.

Don't forget to clear the trash can too and if you don't need the Sent Items also. If you need something it's your right to save but old and useless messages must be deleted. It's necessary not only because the moderators want to sent you sometimes messages but maybe your friends in forum try to contact you and can't.
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User Badis have a full inbox and I can't send him a Private Message. User Badis is banned for 2 days and we expect after ban expiration to find a free inbox. Other users can do the same for not be banned too.

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