Quality of Design Drawign for Private Projects
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Quality of Design Drawign for Private Projects
Hello guys,
Out of curiosity, I would like to start a discussion about the quality of design drawings that are actually release for construction on private projects. Here in Mexico, it is not uncommon to see revision 5 of even 10 on drawings already approved for construction, I am a steel retailer and this can cause lots of problems for us. Anyone willing to comment what is like in other countries?
According to me this is quite normal here in Mauritius since after construction has started, there are many variations that are made by the promoter and because of these changes, we'll have to redesign and reissue construction plans. But once we've (the structural engineer) have approved the steel drawings which the contractor send to us, we stick to it, no further changes are allowed unless its critical.

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Ideally, construction should begin only when all information was complete, all doubts clarified and the complete project awarded. This takes time, which today are expensive, much more than before. Therefore, it has become relatively common to start a project with the project in final phase of maturation, with points still to be defined, usually called "fine tuning".

I show the example of industrial projects. Projects where release of the structure and foundations still based on preliminary drawings of equipment, and received the final drawings of it until several months later and has always been to make small adjustments (sometimes not so small!). This will mean the gain of several months of work on deadline, even if at risk (calculated) in the project.


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For small projects the construction projects starts when all the drawings and the calculations are done. For the big projects like industrial , residencial projects like Dell Brett said the construction project starts when the project (drawings and calculation are done) especially for the foundations or infrastructure but for the rest of the structure, superstructure calculation and drawings are made while the whole project forwards. In some cases all these are modified through write decisions so called "provisions of the site" adapted for the conditions of the site and for the desires of the beneficiary.

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we call drawings at company i work for (approval drawings) which means that client or his consultant should approve all layouts and details in these drawings which varies from project to other based on client financial condition and any updates in site or arch. requirements
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For steel design projects in Mauritius ,for example a steel portal frame, we usually carry out a quick design of the members that should be used.From this,the contractor can order the member. The design and drafting of structural drawings can be done in more detail during the importation of the steel member.
As for hotels and IRS projects in Mauritius, drawings can be revised even during construction and also after casting of structural and non structural elements until client's satisfaction is obtained,even if it means breaking up of some elements and doing the work once again.

As in Pakistan, Designers issue drawings for the REVIEW in which the client and the designer usually found the errors and rectify them and when the Drawings are Approved then Drawings are ISSUED FOR CONSTRUCTION... By this method we goto max. 1 or 2 revisions and these revisions are due to construction problems on site..

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