What is the point of this board?
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What is the point of this board?
I see posts about job advice, software modeling, buying random electronics but I write a post asking about the Civil PE Exam and it gets deleted. What the fuck is the point of this?

So I see an announcement that says
"Free discussion is not for engineering subjects" but the forum link is dead in the topic so essentially you have a civil engineering forum where you can't actually discuss engineering topics....yet there's these topics:
Recommanded VGA for Common Cilvil Engineering Software
Unasaturated soil mechanics - from where to start
Is Scia Engineer a complete software for a Structural Engineer?
Engineers Day in INDIA.

Those aren't engineering subjects?
The post was deleted because it includes 5 transparent links and is too much work to correct when i see an user understanding English better than most of our users but too lazy to read the rules.
For what the f... please take another warning and if you don't like search for another forum.
1.Read the HELP and the Rules before posting.
2.Always post in the right thread.
3.Search before to prevent duplicates.
4.Use Preview Post to check.
5.THE BEST - Use the Post Generator.
6.Use the THANKS button.
7.Don't use REPLY if no need, use New Reply.
Chatting not allowed.
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PLEASE AtoZmail, that's good observation by you, but the language you used is just too strong. BennyP has explained the reason(s) why your post was deleted. I have had mine deleted with explanations, although not at all times. I recommend a thread just for complaints, this will help us talk better than war of words.
Civil Engineering.....restructuring the world
This subforum named Civil Engineering Association / Forum Discussion / Suggestion & Complains
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Free Discussion contains old threads maybe not fitting the definition (this forum is 6 years old) and sometimes we the moderators can miss something or is hard to decide if the subject is an engineering subject or not. We can delete this subforum and accept only engineering subjects but for general discussions it can be usefull. In the past before the subscription drop the spammers some people advertise here or search to find a date. Not anymore and this is not a reason for rude language.
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Dear AtoZmail,
I'd like to politely recommend you that before engaging in negative criticism of the way this forum is being conducted, you first try understanding the "culture" and the few rules under which it operates. If you proceed with respect and humbleness you will get more out of this forum that you will ever be able to provide to it. We strive to help colleagues, but as our friend and colleague BennyP said, you need to read the rules and follow them. If you have questions, ask them, but don't act with an attitude which seems to be somewhat arrogant, as for example with the use of cuss words, because there are members of many different cultures where such a thing could be taken as offensive. This forum characterizes itself for being a place where members come mainly to get help or to help others, providing knowledge, technical references or information. Thankfully, we do not come to engage in fruitless arguing. Welcome and be your best!
Yours truly, gulilero
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My take is, why take it so personal, use this forum for your own advancement, forget about whether your post was deleted or not. Just mind how you would gain knowledge from the forum. Our beloved BennyP will persist to exist just like the Microsoft ribbon interface, otherwise use Apache Openoffice.
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You can't see post #4 (if you are not a moderator) because with 60% warning points the system moderates the posts and the posting privileges are retired for a week automatically by the board system. You can't see the deleted post.

Our dear AtoZmail reply in post #4

Quote:Sorry, I just read through the rules, didn't see anything about saying the word fuck. As an adult, I enjoy adjectives to better describe my thoughts/ideas.

Well, i hope we are all adults and enjoy many other words like this. I'm sure most of you but not here and if an user thinks to dictate his rules after one post in forum and nothing else he waste his time.

Another row from post #4

Quote:It was a good thread that probably would have benefited the community 10x more than the topic on "lead rubber producer" or "Eid mubarak" but instead got deleted.

I don't want to argue about "Eid mubarak", "Happy New Year" and alike but i will reproduce the results of the deleted links.
We post here links to not free material making it free for all. Maybe is not ethical but is useful and this can be a subject to discute in Free Discussion.
How our community will benefit using the links in post #4 ?
Advertisements for books, a way to ask people to buy and post for him, a way to show us he knows how to use Google ? You can guess and continue the discussion.

[Image: 39808632759322329190.gif]
[Image: 01888141065240315179.gif]
[Image: 17029332889847404165.gif]
[Image: 79024756473881676153.gif]
[Image: 29979634529797845194.gif]
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We all love CivilEA

It is the best forum of all for Engineers

99% of the members are "users" (they use the time and resources of other 1%, good soul. And these 1% of the good souls, collect from other good souls, brings here. No matter what, they will keep doing this

By spending their own money for buying subscription on expensive upload sites, spending their valuable time to coordinate all these efforts.

Rule #12 forbids political and religious discussions. I dont see any harm for Celebrating my friend's Holiday season according to this rule. Probably that is why it is tolerated

Being said that:

Rule #15 says "Insulting posts and the use of dirty words will cause an immediate banning."

In the past I have seen people who use profanity banned right away.

" Be polite and courteous to others as a Mature Adult "

Best regards to all CivilEAns
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Hi AtoZmail,

Although I do appreciate discussion and fare criticism, I would like you to look for another forum if you do not appreciate this forum.

I am a normal user in this forum and I have learnt significantly from this forum. Having said that, I have received a few warnings when I did not follow the rules of the forum. Although these warnings made me to some extent upset, I was encouraged to read more and more about this forum and it's roles to be able to use it to my advantage.
I do have a deep gratitude toward this forum and I ask you please leave this forum if you do not find it useful.

Kind regards,
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