global warming
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global warming
in our field as civil engineers how can we help to prevent the global warming? are there new technologies and constructions strategies to prevent this happening? there are already many countries who are now experiencing this climate change? countries who are experiencing floods, landslide, typhoon, earthquake, etc. in our part how can we help??
We have to ONLY request the USA & Allies to stop Bombing on the earth only this is the WAY ot prevent the GLOBAL WARMING
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Arshad, I absolutely agree with you! There is one famous saying: "Make love, NOT war!" I'm
from a small (in my oppinin - neutral) country and I really do not understand those wars... I'm realy frustrated with wars because all the people are equal to me - I appreciate them all - no matter what kind of skin color or religion they are....

Best regards.
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Depend on Policy each country.. Sometimes big countries do the double standard.. In UNO forum, they talk about global warming but in other case they destroyed countries (Indonesia and other countries) to explores mining, oil, gas etc not do rehabilition back, actually their industrial has higher contribution on this global warming
impact the increasing temprature
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